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The Artists Exchange Programme (AEP) is a skills exchange model developed by Danielle Jones (Teale)
that derives from a set of values: supportiveness, equality, democracy, voice, curiosity, attention
and empathy. I have participated in all three AEP weekends that have brought together artists
from across the CID project. They have been times of real joy, discovery and encouragement.

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As part of the development of professional exchange and skills sharing for the CID Project, Danielle Jones (Teale) has embedded her successful Artists’ Exchange Programme model into the fabric of the artistic process. Here, supporting dance artist for the CID Project, Ella Fleetwood, shares her experiences of the Skills Exchange that has taken place throughout 2021.

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Something quite exciting happens when different artists are brought together in such a carefully considered space.

Listening. Sharing. Receiving. Supporting and being supported. The core values of the CID project are so felt and present throughout the Skills Exchange weekends. Compassion as we share openly with each other. Care as we listen and reflect. Connection as we move and respond together.

Below is a list of things I want to hold close and remember from the Skills Exchange process:

  • The joy of simplicity.
  • Emerging chaos can carry us all.
  • The ordinary can become extraordinary quite quickly.
  • Connecting with oneself leads to a deeper connection with others.
  • Silly is good.
  • Lightness is good.
  • When you chase me; I will probably chase you back.
  • The power of the imagination.
  • To honour yourself first.
  • That together we will find a way.