Join us in the ELKIN CLUB, a playful and exciting weekly club for parents and children to connect through creativity. With dance, music, creativity, and arts and crafts, we facilitate a safe, inclusive and equitable space where the parent is valued as much as a participant as the child, allowing time for your reflection and self-discovery.

Weekly sessions, Wednesdays from 5 June, 10am-2pm

Wolvecote Mill, 2 Baynhams Dr, Wolvercote, Oxford OX2 8FF

10am-11.15am dance and music

11.15am-12.30pm arts and crafts with lunch and refreshments served

12.30pm-2pm Maternal Journal session

You are welcome to attend some or all of the activity provided. Free play space is also available throughout the day in the Wolvecote Mill cafe.

For full project details and FAQs, click here.


As part of Luminelle’s new and exciting club, focusing on family interaction and connection, we are thrilled to be hosting workshops in collaboration with Maternal Journal – a global community that uses journaling to boost well-being in pregnancy, birth and parenthood. The first Maternal Journal workshops in Oxford, these sessions will share creative journaling activities and resources, in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment for you to feel connected to other parents. From writing and drawing to mark-making and collage, each activity is accessible to everyone.


Recognising the isolation faced in the early stages of parenthood, we aim to provide you with an enriching, supportive community which can unlock confidence, bring ease and play to your parenting, and increase empathy and self-compassion. ELKIN CLUB is for parents and their children, as we know that the happiness of the child is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of the parent.

ELKIN CLUB is aimed at those in the early stages of their parenthood journey – from pregnant women to parents with young children aged 3 and under. Weekly sessions will include a creative dance workshop, lunch and refreshments, arts and crafts activities for the young people and mindful journaling for adults as part of our collaboration with Maternal Journal.