It was good to meet in Euclidian space and time on Friday. I am all in favour of remote electronic meetings but sometimes face-to-face meetings are necessary to gain capture of the nuance.

This weekend we listened to “Last Word” which included an obituary on Sir Graham Vick.  It was on BBC radio 4 at 4pm on Friday 6th August.  It stated that one way he got people interested in opera was for them to participate in their production rather than merely listen to it. This might map across to your work or it might not. I can see some similarities and some radical differences.

We enjoyed the dancing. I also enjoyed the conversation; so did Liz. Having spent a lifetime applying STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concepts to improve the life journey it is refreshing to think about different issues within a different paradigm.  It offers cerebral exercise to complement the physical exercise of the dance. It is not that the cerebral and the physical are separate; we think about them individually to simplify gaining an understanding of both of them so we can start understanding them as a whole. I recognise that I could be extending a STEM approach to an artistic endeavour which could invalidate it.

Thank you for an enjoyable and fun day and the lemon cake you brought. If there is anything we can do to help let us know.

John and Liz Leach