Dancing with Parkinson's

“We should not ignore the vital role that the dancers with Parkinson’s themselves play in the development of a robust, specialist sector by sharing their embodied experience through research and through kinaesthetic transference of knowledge to those they dance with.”

– Danielle Jones, Artistic Director – Luminelle

The Luminelle Dancing with Parkinson’s programme brings expressive, moving and creative dance opportunities to people with Parkinson’s, their family members and carers. It is a core programme developed by Artistic Director Danielle Jones, over 14 years of practice in this specialist health arena. Featuring live dance and live music, Luminelle’s workshop programme offers people with Parkinson’s the chance for personal enquiry, artistic expression, to feel seen and experience compassionate connection with like-minded participating dancers, both digitally in our at home programme, and in-person in our workshops and events across the UK and internationally.

“Stories need telling, for which you need language, and words only go so far – most of life takes place well beyond the reach of words. For me, the value in dance is learning an expressive art – a creative language for both Body and Being, good for exploring and expressing things deeper than words.”

– Dancer with Parkinson’s

“The value of our Dancing with Parkinson’s class goes far wider and deeper than the physical benefits of the exercises. Yes, we stretch and strengthen our muscles and that is important. But we also smile, laugh, support and care for one another.”

Danielle Jones has been working with people with Parkinson’s for over 14 years and in dancing together with them has evolved a strong interest in how dance can be a vehicle for deepening self- understanding, self-acceptance, and contributing to self-efficacy. Her belief is that providing dancers with Parkinson’s a direct ownership over their dance experience enables greater understanding of themselves. Alongside collaborator, musician and vocal improvisation specialist, Jaka Skapin, Danielle has evolved a programme which focuses on compassionate noticing through music and dance improvisation and has led to an interdisciplinary approach to sharing stories and bringing unseen and unheard voices to life. Danielle’s work in the dance and Parkinson’s field has included artistic consultancy, programme design, CPD leadership, and workshop leadership for People Dancing, Scottish Ballet, Dance Base, English National Ballet (UK), and Mark Morris Dance Group (USA and Korea), Dance and Creative Wellness and Dance for Health (Netherlands).

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