Artists' Exchange Programme

The Artists’ Exchange Programme is an artist-led skills exchange that draws on the collective skills and experience of the artists involved to develop a rich dialogue and meaningful practical exploration together. Artists come together from around the UK and bring with them an offer of a workshop, discussion or provocation which connects to the core themes of the programme such as: artistic integrity, people and communication, resilience and self-significance. This innovative programme will enable your artistic voice to be heard and introduce you to a strong and supportive network.

For 2023 we’re delighted to partner with Yorkshire Dance and Cheshire Dance to deliver two AEP weekends in the North of England.

Artist Exchange Programme 1:

Dates: 1st & 2nd July

Venue: UCLAN

Partner: Cheshire Dance


Artist Exchange Programme 2:

Dates: 22nd & 23rd July

Venue: Kala Sangham

Partner: Yorkshire Dance

Artists are asked to specify which of the two weekends they are interested in attending.

Who is AEP for?

The AEP is suitable for mid-career dance artists working as makers and leaders across community, socially engaged and participatory practice based in or informed by health and care. We ask for a minimum of 5 years experience post graduation to take part. 

What will we do?

Taking place over a weekend, the course follows a coaching approach facilitated by Danielle and a soon-to-be-announced guest coach, that provides time and space to listen and share in the skills and experiences of those in the room. Artists will be invited to offer a contribution which connects to the core themes of the AEP, sharing the space and dialogue around their practice with the other participating artists. 

What will I gain?

Artists will take away a greater resilience, renewed creative practice, deeper understanding of their values and awareness of their skills and experience. 

Do I pay?

The AEP is free to take part we just ask that you bring an open and collaborative spirit. All participating artists can invoice Luminelle £150 to contribute towards expenses incurred to take part. 

The AEP Coaching Circles

After the AEP weekends are completed, participating artists will be invited to take part in a free follow up coaching programme, The AEP Coaching Circles. These Coaching Circles will be a dedicated, nurturing and especially facilitated space to continue and dig deeper into the conversation that was started in the studio. Places for the Coaching Circles will be limited and further information will be available closer to the time. 

To apply

The Artists’ Exchange Programme is for a limited number of artists by application only. To apply:

  • complete the Google form here and attach your CV, or
  • or send a video or audio clip of no more than 5 minutes to 
  • Complete the anonymous Equal Opportunities Form here

The deadlines to apply for each programme is:

8th May, 10am for The AEP at UCLAN in partnership with Cheshire Dance

22nd May, 10am for The AEP at Kala Sangam in partnership with Yorkshire Dance

If you have any questions about the application process please do not hesitate to get in touch with 

The Artist Exchange Programme provides artists development that recognises the needs, skills and knowledge of the participants and what they can offer each other. It is an alternative approach to CPD which values a diversity of skills and experience and does not lead based on one specific model of practice.

The fundamental values that underpin the AEP – equality, democracy, validation, generosity, supportiveness – are a mirror for the values that underpin the practice of the artists involved.

— Danielle Jones, AEP Artistic Initiator

I think it has possibly only been on the Clore programme before this that I have felt so supported to take risks in/challenge my thinking. This week felt like time to take care of myself.

— Katie Green, AEP Skills Exchange Participant

I found the whole approach significantly refreshing, forward thinking, and inclusive. The AEP truly recognises the already existing skills and knowledge of these artists and gives an appropriate vehicle through which to share – this ultimately cultivates a sense of recognition and empowerment

— AEP Skills Exchange Participant

When I think of the AEP words come to mind like support, validation, value, community connection, rest, recovery. Unlike other community dance focused development courses the AEP assumes at the centre of it you have all the knowledge you would need. You are the skills, the power and passion that will drive you forward. This perhaps feels crucial to any mid-career artist when the energy and ideas are low. The AEP provides tools and networks to self-charge, a solar panel of never ending energy!

— Tom Hobden, We are UNIT

The AEP brings together values like artistry, integrity, inclusion and care – which are at the core of all that I’m striving to achieve. It has been real joy to discuss and share the areas of our work which can feel additional or even like barriers to making art when working outside of the traditional arenas. But integrating these things into the artistic process and celebrating the massive value of this way of working has been extremely useful for me. So many independent artists and small organisations are self-producing, self-recruiting, audience building, delivery powerhouses and doing it with so much heart. As society feels like an increasingly difficult place to nurture and hold fast to our values, AEP is a wonderful place to connect with other artists, share our experiences and get better at taking care of ourselves along the way.

— Clare Reynolds, Restoke

Workshops, mentoring, and coaching

Danielle’s approach to professional development can be shared with diverse and multiple groups. A Skills Exchange approach champions artists at all levels to recognise their own skills and potential. Masterclasses are available as a way to share this approach widely and have been delivered with groups such as CAT students (The Place, London), emerging artists (Overture course by Re:Bourne) and degree level students (Trinity Laban, University of Roehampton, University of Suffolk).

Danielle’s work with the CAT students was invaluable in helping them prepare and manage stress around audition time. They were given tools enabling them to explore ways of realising their individuality and empowering them to be themselves

— The Place: Cat Scheme Masterclass

Danielle Jones is a life coach with The Coaching Academy, a certified mindfulness daily practitioner with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, as well as a highly experienced dance artist mentor. The values of the AEP firmly connect with Danielle’s belief in the diverse voices of artists. One-to-one mentoring and the opportunity to shadow other artists in their practice can open up our perspectives to the range of approaches there, and can strengthen our understanding of what our own values look like. Having worked with artists across their career as a coach and mentor, Danielle evolved this Artists’ Support Programme to galvanise artists working to interrogate their artistic motivations and find a sense of self significance which will enhance their practice.