a place we go, together (2022)

“every time you remember a memory it’s slightly different, because it’s coloured by your present and I suppose, all the layers that you’ve piled on since since the last time you heard it… the last time you remembered.”

a place we go, together… (2022) directed by Danielle Jones and Jaka Škapin looks at core themes of intimacy, care, and relationship, and was devised using a co-creative approach in which all dancers took part in a live, improvised dance process within their home in 2021. Drawing on stories and experiences from their lives as inspiration, Jones and Škapin improvised a responsive and nurturing one-to-one exchange with the dancers in workshops which took place across the country in the homes of dancers with Parkinson’s. Movement direction by Danielle Jones draws from the raw and human approach of cinematographer Pavel Radu, using handheld camera to connect with the vulnerability of the human body in movement. The resulting film is an honest, intimate, and jubilant look at life, the body, and the domestic space.

a place we go

“what I’m hearing quite often is what I really feel. And that’s been rather overpowered most of my life, I can see now, by seeing things and doing things and seeing something else and doing something else. And it’s a way I think of accessing a kind of more still person. Not necessarily more healthy or more interesting or anything like that. But I kind of in a person that I must admit got kind of lost”