It is now Saturday morning and I am sat up in bed with a cup of tea, reflecting on the afternoon, that was yesterday, 10th September, 2021.

2pm ish and a loud knock at the door heralds the entry of the CID Project team who have come up from London to Lancaster, to a further 15 miles north, to dance with me and my husband. They soon set to, doing what needed to be done for us to perform dance and be filmed at home. The team had brought cake and also with us were the two lovely dancers whose classes I have attended, Helen and Mel, and who had reassured me when I was unsure initially about taking part in this part of Danielle’s project. Their presence was welcome; and as we danced, a good help.

I am not sure exactly what I expected during the visit, as I waited with trepidation for it all to start, but I do know that about 3 hours disappeared like lightening; and at the afternoon’s end, when I got my breath back, I had had a lot of fun, and was glad I had had the opportunity to take part.


We succeeded in dancing our way through our lounge and conservatory, exploring as we went, until we made it to the back garden, where amongst other things, we brought to life the rural community we are lucky enough to live in. Then it was time for a much needed cup of tea, and some cake, before talking things over.

I am so grateful to have had this opportunity, and so glad that I accepted it, despite initial reservations. It is surprising how dance and music helps even in daily movements, merely by hearing it and/or envisaging it in your head. Thank you all.

Lilian Taylor