It’s just before 10.30am on a Friday morning. Jaka arrives at our house; soon followed by the film crew… oh, and here comes Danielle with the cakes.

But we are going to dance first, cakes can wait until lunch! The initial uncertainties of what is expected from us disappear, we are with our friends Danielle and Jaka, all is well. We are being led but this is a collaborative, explorative process and soon we are all in the zone… responding, improvising, sweating and laughing and oh, taking short breaks before whoosh, we are back into stretching and searching out our creative selves.

“Shall we take a break, shall we keep going?” We decide to keep going as who knows when Angie’s mobility will slip away? And suddenly we stop… it’s been 2 hours. We have travelled from the uncertainties of dancing in our own home to sharing lunch with our friends and film crew, and feeling we have always done this and it’s just, well it’s just ‘normal’. After lunch we enter into a conversation with Danielle and Jaka which we are happy to have recorded.

A simple feedback takes an unexpected emotional turn with both of us realising how much we have missed these friends, these teachers, these artists who treat us as artists too.

Of course, this quality of relationship has been built up over the past few years but still it is a welling up of feeling that has our tears flowing.

Thank you to Danielle, Jaka and the team… for making this session so relaxed and yet so creatively satisfying… and, in the end, no cake was eaten in the making of this film!

Steve Harris and Angie Heathfield