For a couple of hours last Friday afternoon our usually quiet apartment became a hive of activity, with film crew, musician and dancers all working together to make the best use of time, space and light…

It was a treat to watch skilled (and reassuringly covid- aware) professionals working so smoothly and respectfully together. Doors and windows were opened wide, equipment was set up, water bottles were refilled, and then the dancing began. I was accompanied by Danielle’s lovely dance colleague Effie, helping me to feel less self conscious and providing me with examples to follow when I had the occasional blank moment. Effie and I danced by the doorway or in the open air on the balcony to Jaka’s fascinating voice-music while the team filmed us from indoors.

At a certain point I was asked to focus on an object or objects  which carried memories for me, and that led us into an amazing and surprisingly emotional activity involving old memories and the ‘carving out’ of new ones.

Danielle adopted her special inclusive approach to choreography, encouraging me to think and respond in my own way, and then pulling out particular moves that she liked and fitting them all together in a new combination.

It was lovely to be a part of such a smoothly managed activity, and to be able to contribute in a small way to the film process. Following the dance session most of the team departed promptly, following a short interview with me about my thoughts on Parkinson’s, creativity and the benefits of dance.

Wow! And then they were all gone, the furniture was back in place and the apartment returned to its usual peaceful self. I could almost imagine that I had been dreaming, but in due time all our shared contributions will be on show in the planned exhibition. I was honoured to be involved, and I can strongly recommend taking part. What a positive way of demonstrating the benefits of Dance with Parkinson’s to the wider community. Thanks also to the whole team for their interest, time and support for our condition, and I am sure that I speak for us all to say how greatly it is valued and appreciated. You are all very special people!

Anne Prest