Danielle Jones (Teale) Dance & Mountain Way Pictures are seeking an experienced film & video editor to collaborate on poetic documentary style film.

Collective IDentity (CID Project), a programme by Danielle Jones (Teale) Dance, brings expressive, moving and creative dance opportunities to people with Parkinson’s throughout 2021. Featuring a live dance and music programme directed by Danielle Jones (Teale) (dance) and Jaka Skapin (music), Collective IDentity is an exploration of togetherness and empathy, in a personal enquiry into compassion, care, identity and collectivity, both on screen and in person.

The major output for this year long, national project is a short, poetic documentary style film directed by Jaka Skapin and Danielle Jones (Teale), produced by Mountain Way Pictures for Danielle Jones (Teale) Dance (Executive Producer). Jaka is also music director for the CID project and will work closely with the post-production team to produce the film’s soundtrack. 

We intend the film to be a poetic, non-linear, movement-centered piece that foregrounds the collective identity of movement through dance. Anticipated runtime is 10-15 minutes.

Essential Requirements 

  • 5 years professional experience as an editor
  • Demonstrable portfolio experience of Dance and/or Arts-led filmmaking 
  • Ability to work alongside artists in the edit process


Useful Project Requirements

  • Interest in / Experience of community-led practice
  • Experience of non-linear or abstract creative projects


Desirable Experience / Skills

  • Ability to create titles / 2D Graphics
  • Awareness of Parkinson’s disease and/or initiatives that support Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions
  • Experience with Da Vinci Resolve or equivalent colour correction software



We anticipate this requiring three to five days work over a period of one month; rate is £350/day. 


Timeframe / Project Management

We aim to begin picture edit in October with a view to finalising and delivering the film in December. Final Cut delivery is scheduled for Christmas 2021.

The key role of the Editor will be in an offline capacity, working closely with the Director and Executive Producer to merge visual storytelling with an experimental aural design. Capacity to contribute to the online edit and final delivery is desirable but not essential. The artistic team will discuss with you how to create a collaborative and supportive approach to the edit collaborate on the visual language of the film.

Mountain Way Pictures will be available to support you throughout the post-production process


To apply for the role, please send us:

  • Your CV 
  • A short cover letter telling us about yourself, your interest in the role, and any relevant experience you have. 
  • 3 links to relevant pieces of work. 
  • Availability: If you are able to inform us of your availability in October/November, please do let us know. This is not an essential requirement. 
  • Equal Opportunities Form


You can download our Equal Opportunities form here.


Please email dancing.parkinsons@gmail.com to submit your application.


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 24th September 2021 at 5pm