In our Dancing with Parkinson’s sessions we aim to inspire participants through artistic development and connection with professional, high quality music and dance. The dancers work with themes, concepts and ideas to create choreography together and we learn about music and song with our wonderful creative musician Jaka Skapin.

This term we created a short choreography to Fleet Foxes ‘White Winter Hymnal’ and the dancers had the pleasure of performing this to a live four piece acapella singing group ‘Tangerine’ led by our very own Jaka Skapin and filmed in the quiet and calming Finding Space of St. Joseph’s Hospice.

We aim to inspire other dancers with Parkinson’s to see the value of artistic engagement and the enjoyment had by all when performing to live music. The energy on this day was electric, demonstrating the power of dance as a performance art and the motivation that this can provide for people at risk of isolation. 

Please share the video above with anyone you want to inspire to engage with the arts!

For more information or to visit / join the class on Monday’s at St. Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney, please contact me