Monday arrived – CID Day.
I waved Ted off on his trip to Shrewsbury and then got down to a quick spring clean before the team arrived.  I was very nervous of what I had let myself in for.  Too late to back out now – help!
My worries were unfounded.  Danielle and her friendly team arrived and the afternoon just flew by – chatting, setting up, dancing, talking, more dancing.  Memories of holidays evoked by my fridge magnets, my mother’s beautiful knitted clown and blanket squares turned into movement as we danced our way around the living room. I enjoyed every minute of it and felt so relaxed and free of restraints dancing with Ella and Karen to Jaka’s beautiful accompaniment.
My old deaf border collie behaved impeccably and I am sure she will be the star of the show.  After cakes and candles and a chorus of happy birthday for Karen followed by an interview, the end of the afternoon came too soon. What a great experience.  I’m so glad I volunteered to take part. I felt uplifted after dancing so freely and I know I must push myself to do more things I never thought I could do. Thank you everyone for a special time. When can you all come again?
Jane and Tara