I had an afternoon visit from a lovely team of 4 people. I had met Danielle and Jaka on zoom before, so it was easy to pick up our friendship and continue with it. I hadn’t met Effie nor Pavel, but they were both friendly and we soon felt comfortable together. The team respected my home, they were polite and careful, gentle and encouraging. They used as much natural light as possible, and all the available space. I never felt as if this was an intrusion.

The dancing itself was based on ideas that we came up with together, using big movements that my body is comfortable with. I never felt forced into anything, and I could stop when I wanted to. I would not consider myself to be a natural dancer, but I loved doing tap as a child, and I am musical. So this didn’t feel out of my comfort zone. Amazingly, I wasn’t aware of my Parkinson’s weakness, I forgot about it, and just enjoyed myself!

Jaka’s music was subtle and unobtrusive; it helped structure the dance sessions. There was a sense of music and dance really being together. Pavel was very calm and professional; it often felt like he wasn’t even there, even though his camera came really close to me.

Effie worked alongside me as my companion, so I never felt that I was being watched or isolated; there was real togetherness. When she stepped back and I remained dancing on my own, it felt ok. We experimented with her dancing very closely around me, almost as if our limbs were intertwined but without touching. It felt natural and safe.

At the end of the afternoon, I was tired but not exhausted. Tea and cake refreshed us all. Danielle had directed us well, and it had been fun.

It was a very worthwhile day for me, focussed on me and what I could do and enjoy; very different from my usual routine which is mostly huddled over a computer.