We are thrilled to announce three newly commissioned visual artists for the CID Project Exhibition

The CID Project will produce a series of high quality artistic outputs bringing visibility to the process of dancing and the identities of the dancers taking part in the project throughout 2021.

David Armes

David is a visual artist working with print, language and geography. He works primarily with letterpress printing on paper and his work has been shown across Europe and the US, including as artist-in-residence at Bodleian Library (University of Oxford, UK), Zygote Press (Cleveland, USA), Huddersfield Art Gallery (UK), Wells Book Arts Center (New York, USA) and BBC Radio Lancashire (UK).

Emma Brown

Emma is a visual artist with a focus on printmaking and illustration. Her current work explores the delicate and meaningful relationships that people develop to make sense of their lives. Capturing the essence or memory of an experience, emotion or story is integral to Emma’s practice.

Edwina Kung

Edwina is born in Hong Kong and based in Nottingham, UK. She is an illustrator, fine artist and printmaker. Edwina’s practice consistently explores how we respond to our surroundings to create a meaningful relationship with people, memories and places. Edwina received a BFA from National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan and completed her MFA from Nottingham Trent University. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Taiwan, the UK and the USA.

You can read more about the artists and their work on the People page of the website

We are proud to feature the stories and unseen experiences of our dancers in the Collective IDentity exhibition, a touring gallery of newly commissioned artwork by these brilliant artists. The exhibition will feature printmaking, mixed media, textiles, collage, illustration, letterpress, film and photography.
The project themes of identity, care, compassion and collectivity, will be at the centre of a new exploration for our three commissioned artists, who will join us in the zoom dance studio and take inspiration from our dance practice to create a series of pieces for the exhibition, touring throughout the autumn of 2021 and spring of 2022.

The lockdown and the whole experience of the pandemic has not only isolated us in our homes, but has also made our experience of dancing as a collective even less visible – we are confined in the home spaces as participants in a dance experience which is somehow less performative and accessible for the general public than it was before the pandemic. Other than those in the zoom studio with you, no-one else need know you are even dancing. So for me, the Collective IDentity exhibition will bring attention to the quality artistic experience that we have been having in our online exchanges, through the eyes of the visual artists invited into the spaces with us.. They will have the privilege of witnessing our artistic process, and much like a choreographer, they will be translating that into a piece of work for the audiences who attend the exhibition. I am really excited by the chance to see our work represented and interpreted by these brilliant artists. 

Danielle Jones (Teale)