I thought I’d make a recommendation for world book day! Related to my masters thesis research and my current research into Collectivity and Intimacy, my recommendation is Sandra Reeve, Nine Ways of Seeing a Body 

An existential, phenomenological approach to mind-body emphasises what is immediately felt and experiences by human beings. This approach requires us to think about and consider our own awareness and our own subjective experience (including our subjective experience of that awareness), particularly as we experience it through physical sensations.

Phenomenologists are interested in the experience of ‘knowing’ rather than ‘knowing about’ and in the human capacity for self-reflexivity (which is to say our capacity for reflecting on and about our own experience, thoughts, sensations, feelings and internal processes).In order to analyses subjective experiences, phenomenologists give attention to key motifs that emerge from our accounts of our own experiences. Key motifs in a shared event are the aspects of the experience that cannot be changes without fundamentally altering the narrative of the event. Individual key motifs may be seen to reflect and reveal the particular quality of a person’s ‘intentionality’ in cinsciousness

— Sandra Reeve (2001), Nine Ways of Seeing a Body, 14-15